Yoga, cycling classes, and group exercise are just examples of fast becoming essential types of fundraising events that people would love to engage in Newport beach. Many people are finding it is a great way to encourage others to promote health and to help other people by participating in these events. For nonprofits looking […]

Costa Mesa Ceramics Studio owner Catherine Rex loves living on a sailboat in Newport Harbor.  She always tried to escape into nature and take a break and living on a sailboat works for her. Check how the people from the community were embracing her same passion for pottery from educating and sharing the process of […]

  Crossing the border can be a stressful run to an exciting destination. It takes a lot of patience, allow yourself to wait in the line and present your necessary documents to be able to cross the border. Especially if you are planning to go to Mexico, strict compliance is highly required. Sometimes it could […]

We always wish that we could find time to relax and find a way to treat our loved ones and even our self. Newport Beach for sure have parlors and spa for the residence to reward themselves, but for some, a trip to the salon will be difficult considering work, errands, and family obligations. Good thing […]

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